Largest distributor of Legrand and Bticino products in the Czech Republic

Vypínače a zásuvky

Switches and sockets

For family and apartment houses,
apartments, offices and industrial
premises, civic amenities

Vstupní systémy

Entry systems

For family houses, apartments,
office and industrial premises



Convenience from home
to save time
Elektroinstalace, MaR

Installation of MC Systems

Turnkey projects, i.e. including design,
control systems, installation, 
commissioning and subsequent service
Výroba rozvaděčů

Manufacture of LV switchboards

Manufacture of Measurement
and Control Systems, LV
switchboards up to 1000 V, 1600 A
Domovní automatizace

Home automation

For energy saving,
comfort as well as for leisure time

Elektroinstalační materiál

Electrical installation materials

For family and apartment houses,
apartments, offices and industrial
 premises, civic amenities

Projekce elektro, MaR

Design of Measurement
and Control Systems

Full electrical engineering design
in our design by experienced 

Servis elektro,  MaR

Management of work instructions

Design project management and
supply of measurement and control
systems, their installation and amenities

About Mercon

We provide sales and installation of electrical installation materials in civic and industrial premises. In addition to Legrand and Bticino switches and sockets, we also offer ABB and Schneider brands and other brands of similar quality.

We design electrical systems and carry out installation and technical audits using reputable branded products. We provide a comprehensive service ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

MERCON - Wholesale division


  • Wholesale and retail of electrical installation materials
  • Largest distributor of Legrand and Bticino products in the Czech Republic
  • Supply of equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Manufacture of switchboards and control panels
  • Supply and installation of audio and video entry systems
  • Intercoms for apartments, family and apartment houses
  • Supply and installation of home automation, design elements

MERCON - Implementation division 


  • Measurement and control in thermal energy engineering
  • Installation and implementation of larger Measurement and Control Systems’ units such as gas boiler rooms, heat exchange stations, tunnel kilns
  • Measurement of heat consumption
  • Equipment and process control
  • Measurement and control instrumentation calibration works, inspection and repair of instruments relating to the measurement of pressure, temperature, pH, conductivity, electrical variables
  • Installation, repair, maintenance and technical audits of reserved electrical equipment and manufacture of low voltage switchboards
  • Design of electrical equipmentí
  • Refurbishment of electrical installations in apartment houses, apartments and family houses.



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